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» Space3D 2016 (TSS/SAT V15.01 Revision A)
TSS version 15.01 (Revision A) is now available! V15.01 (Revision A) is fully compatible with
32- and 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 operating systems.
TSS v15.01 downloads are available!
  Download Now

The install contains all TSS applications, plus Transfer and Mesh. TSS v15.01 has full 3-D Boolean
capabilities, with the ability to transfer CAD models into TSS via the all-new Transfer application.
This is a powerful tool that eliminates the need for a thermal analyst to completely ‘re-create’
a geometry that already exists as a CAD model. Many user enhancements have been added which
streamline model creation, merging models, changing display settings, screen capture, printing,
and much more.

Some v15.01 release highlights:
    - Speed increases to ray tracing for models with Booleans
    - Faster load times for models with Booleans
    - Improvements to Transfer, including the ability to selectively transfer CAD objects within a file
     (dual Tree). You can move something over from the left (CAD) Tree to the right
     (TSS Geometry model) Tree, then delete it and do it again (differently) if desired.
    - Added the ability to convert a set of points to a B-Spline, B-Spline surface, quadrilateral, or
    - Detailed modeling of Saturn’s rings for IR, Albedo, and Transmissivity using either constant or
       Computed Surface Radiation (CSR) methods.

TSS v15.01, v14.01 and v13.01 can be installed and running at the same time on the same machine.

Existing TSS licenses will work with v15.01.

Some quick tips….
    - The mouse functions have changed:

           Left button – rotate
           Center/wheel – zoom
           Right button – pan

    -  In Geometry, you can right-click on objects in the Assembly Tree and a pop-up menu
       will appear with some common tasks.
    -  In Geometry you can ‘drag and drop’ surfaces and assemblies within the Tree.
    -  You can drag surfaces and assemblies from the Tree of one Geometry window into
       the Tree of another Geometry window (merge all or part of models).
    -  Using the right mouse button at the top of the TSS application window (toolbar area),
        you can turn on/off toolbars, text, and change the icon size.
    -  There is a Help Utility included, which can be accessed on forms or from the Help
       pull-down at the top of the window.
    -  There are new Print and Copy features. You can send the graphics display within
       each application directly to a printer, or copy to the clipboard and paste in another
       application (MS Word, Powerpoint, etc.).
    -  Some features may have moved or changed. Use the pull-downs at the top of the window
        to locate features.

For further assistance, please contact or call (713) 522-0230.

» Interface with ALL CADs using industry standard transfer application!
Space 3D 2006 provides thermal and structural engineers with the power to build the worlds best spacecraft. The software package simulates the space thermal environment and structural loads and is extremely easy to use. Although Space 3D allows end users to access CAD data, the user isn't required to learn a CAD package. It's that simple!

» Importing CAD Info
Importing data into TSS is now easier using our STANDARD CAD transfer application. The image to the right shows a part that has been imported into TSS. The part has holes drilled through it using the boolean operations.

TSS Iges Model with Booleans




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