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Spacedesign Corporation develops software solutions for thermal and structural engineering problems, most notably for the spacecraft design and analysis industry. If you are unfamiliar with Spacedesign we provide two mainstream products for thermal and structural engineering, Thermal Synthesizer System and Structural Analysis Tool. Both with a spectacular 3D graphical front end (SPACE 3D) that uses OpenGL solid rendered graphics.

Our in-house developed, OpenGL solid rendered 3D graphics, are the best in the industry. Our high-tech design team has secured our success in the competitive Aerospace software industry. But we continue to develop additional features and enhancements in the core software originally produced by Johnson Space Center.

Spacedesign is located near Johnson Space Center, supporting Manned Space Flight. Select one of the following links to find out more about upcoming events in Human Space Flight. These events include Space Shuttle launches to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and continued construction of the Space Station.




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