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» Simple yet Effective - Proportional Heater
Sinda/Fluint 3.3 includes enhancements like a proportional heater routine that easily maintains temperatures of critical components. Here's how it works along with some results:

In this example, we want to maintain the temperature of node MAIN.3 between 20 and 30 C. Node 3 is connected to two other nodes, a boundary node MAIN.1 with a temperature of -200 C and an additional diffusion node MAIN.2 with an initial temperture the same as MAIN.3 of 50 C.

Proportional heating is applied to MAIN.3 when the temperature drops to 20 C. The heater is said to be proportional because heating of 100 to 10 W is applied proportionally between 20 C and 30 C.

» Node Diagram:
» Heater Specifications:
On Temperature:  20.0 C
Temperature Range:  20.0 - 30.0 C
Heatrate Range:  100.0 - 10.0 W
» Below are the Results: Choose thumbnails to see larger image.
(1) Temperature of MAIN.3 (2) Proportional Heater Power
(3) Ontime (4) Average Proportional Heating

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