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- Video of Earth from Space - A sunrise from space - A satellite in space with the text Software Solutions for Spacecraft Design and Analysis - A shuttle launch with the text Visualize Success with Space3d - A satellite with in space with the text The Power to Build the World's Best Spacecraft

» Importing CAD Info
Importing data into TSS is now easier using our STANDARD CAD Transfer application.

Slideshow of images showing Geometry appliocation view of models with boolean cuts on the surfaces.

Featuring superior 3-D Boolean capabilities for radiation analysis and CAD model transfer using our revolutionary IGES translator.

Using our Mesh application, you can simply generate a finite element mesh and then easily connect it to radiation surfaces using ConCap.

» Thermal Software System - TSS v16.03 (v16 Rev B) released!!

    Thermal Software System v16.03 (Revision B) (Synthesizer + Transfer) is now available!
    Brochure   Download Now!

» Thermal Software System - TSS v16.01 (v16 Rev A) released!!

    Download Now!

» Thermal Software System v15.01 (Revision C) released!!

    Thermal Software System v15.01 (Revision C) (Synthesizer + Transfer) is now available!
    Brochure   Download Now!

   Rev C exceeds expectations - Faster than ever.

   Click Heatrate, Radk, and Graphics to see speed test comparisons.

» Thermal Software System v15.01 (Revision A) released!

    Thermal Software System v15.01 (Revision A) (Synthesizer + Transfer) is now available!
    Brochure   Download Now!

» Thermal Software System v14.01 released!

    Thermal Software System v14.01 (Synthesizer + Transfer) is now available!
    Flyer Download Now!

» Space3D now with enhanced accessibility!

    Section 508 – Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology for People
    with Disabilities

    TSS Voluntary Product Accessibility VPAT April 2020 508 Reference Guide

» Space 3D 2010 released!

    Space 3D 2010 - TSS V13 has been released! Download Now

Image of Geometry with a space shuttle model

» Announcement: TSS Training is now available!

    TSS Introduction Class - TSS Enhanced Class - TSS Advanced Class -  More > >

Convenient brochure has details!  Brochure

» Interface with ALL CADs using industry standard Transfer application!
Space 3D 2006 provides thermal and structural engineers with the power to build the world’s best spacecraft. The software package simulates the space thermal environment and structural loads and is extremely easy to use. Although Space 3D allows end users to access CAD data with our industry standard CAD Transfer application, the user isn't required to learn a CAD package. It's that simple!

SPACE 3D 2006 is now available!  Download Now

» What's new in Space 3D 2006?
Computational Geometry in Thermal Analysis - TSS V12.01 makes computational geometry in thermal analysis simple yet effective. The software features boolean operations that allow complex surface geometries to be modeled more accurately. Because TSS handles complex surface geometries it is feasible to solve radiation exchange (orbital heating and radiation conductors) for a CAD model that has been directly imported from any CAD package.

Participating Media - Participating Media effects radiation exchange through a volume. The media (or medium) through which the radiation travels can cause attenuation. This attenuation can be modeled using the TSS V12.01 software package. This enhancement allows engineers to model optical effects while still utilizing the immense power of TSS for thermal design.

Meshing Tool - Included in Space 3D 2006 is a meshing tool that automatically meshes 3D enclosures with a solid or shell mesh.

CAD translator - TSS now includes a CAD translator aimed at moving all CAD data into TSS. The first installation uses IGES and takes advantage of the boolean operations in TSS. Subsequent installations use STEP.

Improved NASTRAN translator - The ALL new NASTRAN translator provides the capability to read NASTRAN models and translate them to TSS or SAT.

  Three images. One show radiation exchange. Two is Orbital Analysis in Orbit application. Three is post processing results.

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